2020 Review - new Energy Plans feature, algorithm updates, more detailed Tariff information and inverter integration

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Solar Analytics 2020 Year in Review

2020 was a huge year for Solar Analytics, with a number of significant updates to our smart solar software, integration with new inverter partners, as well as navigating the trials and tribulations of COVID-19. 

In January we were facing the effects of the bushfires sweeping Australia, which also affected solar production for many, and we provided support for our customers who lost their monitoring devices. But none of us could have anticipated what was yet to come.

How bushfire smoke affects solar production

The solar industry wasn't immune to the global pandemic, and we spearheaded a campaign to keep rooftop solar as an essential service, and showcase how solar can make us all more resilient. Meanwhile, we seamlessly transitioned to 100% remote work. We missed the collaboration of working face-to-face, but our processes were already set up for remote work (with our team spread across Australia, Europe and Asia), so it was a relatively pain-free change to work-from-home for most of us. 

Solar Analytics working from home

In April we updated our Tariff inputs with the addition of the Daily Supply Charge which improved the simplicity of comparing your bills. Then in July we made a large update to your Solar Analytics Dashboard relelasing the Energy Plans page, and changes to the Savings page that make it easier to understand how much you are spending on electricity, learn about the impact of different types of energy plans, how you use energy and the costs associated with it. And in August we released an update to our solar system performance Algorithm that allows us to predict your expected solar production with more accuracy

Updates to Solar Analytics Energy Plan page

We also took on feedback from our solar retailer partners and upgraded our Alerts and Notifications feature - providing more detailed information in a more streamlined manner about drops in solar system performance, and any issues with your Solar Analytics set-up.

Late in the year we announced our inverter integration solution, kicking off with Sungrow interverters. This partnership provides another great opportunity for Solar Analytics smart solar software for rooftop solar owners with options for WiFi, hybrid battery monitoring, remote export control (a new requirement for South Australian solar installations), and our most affordable pricepoint. Ask your solar retailer about the best option for your system.

We also celebrated the success of our team - our co-Founder and Chair Prof. Renate Egan was awarded a 2020 Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) Fellow. We were also the winner of the Sustainability and CleanTech award in the 2020 Australian Growth Company awards - a huge achievement amongst excellent company. In June, our Product Director Martin spoke on a General Assembly EcoTech: How to Save the World by 2030 panel about the role of solar technology in providing knowledge and power to grow the adoption of solar and effective energy use. It was also great to be able to introduce you to some of our incredibly talented team members including our Lead Support Engineer Haubert, Operations Analytist Engineer Sunhara, and Technical Lead and Senior Software Developer Reynaldo

Prof Renate Egan ATSE 2020 Fellow

We closed out the year with a much-needed celebration at fellow B Corp, The Freedom Hub, where we connected in-person after eight months of working from home, and enjoyed the excellent catering by another local B Corp, Dan the Man. Some of our team participated via Zoom so that everyone could be part of event. See images from our celebration here on Facebook

2021 promises to be another massive year in the new energy transition, and we look forward to bringing you even more features to help you get more from your solar. Please keep in touch and let us know what you want to achieve with your energy this year at support@solaranalytics.com, or here in the comments.