ABC News report - Solar Analytics NSW customers lose hundreds over lack of smart meters

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ABC News reports that NSW solar owners who were previously receiving the bonus solar feed-in-tariff have lost hundreds of dollars waiting for the installation for smart meters.

ABC News 7pm 240517

A recent Choice article explains that close to 80,000 of the 130,000 NSW solar owners have not had their meters replaced.

Journalist Amy Bainbridge interviews Solar Analytics CEO Stefan Jarnason about our NSW customers who are still exporting all their solar to the grid, while they wait for a smart meter allow them to use their solar on-site.

ABC News 7pm 240517 Stefan Jarnason

Stefan said, "The financial impact for our customers in NSW is quite significant, the average amount they've lost so far this year is $250."  Over the course of a year, that equates to more than $500 in excess electricity costs.

Solar Analytics dashboard on ABC News 7pm

Read the article on the ABC News website here. And watch the segment on ABC News 7pm here.

If you are still waiting on your smart meter, Choice provides sound advice for next steps in this article.