Affected by Bushfires? We're here for you.

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Australia has been devastated by unprecedented fires over the past few months, and we’d like to reassure you that Solar Analytics is here for you. If your solar system and monitoring device has been destroyed, we will replace your Solar Smart Monitor device and have it installed in  your meter board again free of charge; it’s the least we can do to help you get more from your solar again once you get back on your feet. If you have been affected by fire, smoke haze or dust, please read our advice below.

Do not turn your solar power system back on.

Firstly, following advice from the Clean Energy Council, do not attempt to turn your solar power system back on. Contact your Clean Energy Council-accredited installer to have your system recommissioned. If your installer is not available, contact a licensed electrician who can check your system to ensure it is safe. Even if the network supply is turned off, solar systems and associated wiring may still be live; systems will continue to produce voltage during the day. If your solar panels have suffered fire, flood or cyclone damage, attempting to turn them back on (including operating any switches) could result in a lethal electric shock. An accredited installer needs to check that your system is safe.

For residences and businesses with fire damage:

  1. Log in to your Solar Analytics dashboard

  2. If your Solar Smart Monitor device has been turned off:

    1. There will be no data displayed on your dashboard. Solar Analytics needs to communicate with the device to populate your dashboard with data.

    2. You will receive a ‘Comms Error’ email alert from Solar Analytics every three days until resolved. Please ignore these notifications until your solar system is ready for use again

  3. Once your solar system and Solar Smart Monitor has been turned back on:

    1. If there is still no data displayed on your dashboard (and no lights on your Solar Smart Monitor), your device may no longer be working.

    2. If you suspect that your Solar Smart Monitor is not working because it has been damaged by fire from the recent bushfires Nov 2019-Feb 2020, we recommend contacting your solar reseller, and Solar Analytics. When you are ready, please provide us with fire damage information from your insurance company, and we will arrange for your device to be replaced for free and we will pay for installation up to the value of $250.

  4. If your Solar Smart Monitor device has not been turned off, or has been turned on and and is working:

    1. Check your Production page to see the amount of solar that is being produced by your system right now. You can also see how much solar has been produced in the past and if there have been any changes.

    2. Check the Performance page to see if your site is producing as much solar as we expect it should.

    3. If your solar system has been turned off or is not producing any solar at all, you will receive a ‘Zero Generation’ email alert from Solar Analytics every hour until you acknowledge this message. We are required by Federal law to notify our customers if their solar produces nothing. We recommend contacting your solar reseller as soon as you can to let them know. Do not attempt to turn your solar system on.

    4. If your solar system is not producing solar as expected, you will receive an ‘Underperformance’ email alert from Solar Analytics. If you suspect that your solar system has been damaged, we recommend contacting your solar reseller to let them know. 

Note that the Australian Energy Council and Energy Networks Australia has released an Energy Industry bushfire support package for those affected including:

  • The suspension of collection activities for affected customers whilst emergency warnings are in place.
  • Retailers will provide advice to affected customers on the assistance available to them – customers will also be encouraged to have an early conversation with their retailer, if they need assistance.
  • Waiving of outstanding debts, meter replacement charges and reconnection fees for homes or small businesses lost as a result of this natural disaster.
  • When natural disasters occur specific assistance will be made available for volunteer and emergency services workers – customers are encouraged to contact their retailer and find out what assistance is available.

For residences and businesses affected by smoke haze and/or dust:

  1. Read our blog post to find out more from our data science team who are exploring the effects of smoke haze on systems.

  2. If you can see dust on your solar panels, or you have received an underperformance alert, use plain water to wash any dust residue from your panels. Do not attempt to climb up onto your roof and do not use a high pressure hose, which can damage the panels. The removal of dust residue may help with solar production performance. 

  3. If your solar performance does not improve, keep an eye on the production level until smoke haze clears. 

  4. On a clear day with optimum solar production conditions (not too hot), ifyour solar production is still underperforming, we recommend contacting your solar reseller to investigate possible issues.

Please let us know by email if you have any questions about the performance of your solar system. Best wishes to all those affected, and huge thanks to those who have worked hard to support Australians during this time.