Case Study: Helping Giles from One Step Off The Grid understand his household energy

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One Step Off The Grid and Renew Econony editor Giles Parkinson recently moved into a new house with a much larger consumption profile - a pool, electric hot water, aircon and electric heating. In his quest to keep his electricity bills as low as possible, he installed our Solar Smart Monitor to provide real-time energy consumption data. This data helps him understand the impact that every appliance has on his energy consumption and will make it straightforward to determine what size solar to install (and batteries when the time is right). You can read all about Giles' progress as he journals his approach here on One Step Off the Blog

One Step Off The Grid installs Solar Analytics

You can see from Giles' graph over the course of one day exactly when energy was consumed, at what levels, and for how long. By matching this with his appliance knowledge, Giles can see what is power-hungry - note the large sustained energy consumption of his electric hot water (averaging around 3.58kW), over several hours in the early morning:

Energy Consumption data for Giles Parkinson using Solar Analytics

Giles is using the Solar Smart Monitor to help him determine exactly what size solar panel system to install for his particular needs. If you would like to get this level of accuracy around your solar investment, head to our homepage to learn more about the Solar Smart Monitor.

Image: Courtesy of One Step Off The Grid