CEC lobbies for rooftop solar as part of essential services during COVID-19

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Solar installers

The Clean Energy Council has sought clarification and has sent correspondence to all governments across Australia requesting that any future restrictions placed on ‘non-essential’ business activity in response to COVID-19 clearly recognises the essential nature of the construction/installation, operation and maintenance of renewable energy and energy storage.

Solar Analytics supports the the CEC and believes that as long as Australia is not in total lockdown, the installation of rooftop solar should continue where those who can safely work with negligible human contact are able to continue. If lockdown is enforced as we have seen in Italy and California, we will support any Government decree to allow only genuinely essential services such as medical, groceries, should continue, as well as emergency safety repairs for electricity including solar. 

The CEC will continue to work closely with governments as they develop and implement their responses to COVID-19 and ensure it allows our industry to continue to operate safely and effectively.

See the full CEC announcement here: https://www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au/news/future-covid-19-restrictions-must-recognise-essential-nature-of-renewable-energy