Exploring the value of a Virtual Power Plant for solar owners

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Putting the VIPs in VPP research with Solar Analytics

Solar Analytics is leading a project funded by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment’s Emerging Energy Program, to discover the conditions under which energy users would participate in a virtual power plant (VPP). 

We've been working with researchers from UNSW including Mike Roberts, who put together this excellent overview of the project for Ecogeneration. At the same time, we have been assessing the size of this value stack. More than a thousand NSW rooftop solar systems with Solar Analytics monitoring have been used as a testbed to simulate the operation of distributed batteries and to calculate the potential revenue available through different modes of operation, participating in various markets. 

VPPs are emerging as a promising new technology to help solve many of the issues facing the electricity system, including the challenges of adapting to high penetrations of distributed, intermittent, renewable generation. We're excited to be leading developments in this area.

The project report was co-authored by Mike Roberts, research associate at the School for Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering at UNSW and a solar analyst at the Australian PV Institute, Dr Sophie Adams, research fellow in the Arts and Social Sciences Faculty at UNSW, Declan Kuch, a fellow in the School of Humanities at UNSW and the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University, and Jonathan Dore, Head of Production Innovation at Solar Analytics.