Important update for new solar installations in South Australia

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South Australian regulations for export control limitation

There have been huge changes made to the solar industry regulations in South Australia; here's all you need to know to be compliant and get the most from your solar with solar energy management.

What's changed?

First of all, the solar regulations that have changed apply to only to new solar installations from 28th September 2020. New systems will need include an inverter and technology with the capability to follow instructions from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) when the South Australian grid is islanded(cut off from the rest of the grid), or in danger of doing so.

What does that mean?

Your solar retailer will include inverters and technology in your quote that are compliant with these new regulations. You will be required to nominate a 'Relevant Agent' (like Solar Analytics), which is a third party that will control your inverter when instructed to do so by AEMO. 

How does this affect me?

If there is a rare grid disturbance that causes an islanding 'Event', AEMO may instruct your Relevant Agent to prevent your excess solar production from being exported to the grid for a very short period of time. This may be referred to as 'exporting limiting'. 

So how is this a good thing?

Apart from having access to improved solar technology, the new regulations will ultimately lead to an increase in the installation of rooftop solar in South Australia, increased solar export limits, and a lower cost, more reliable and cleaner electricity grid for everyone.

How do I choose a Relevant Agent?

Your solar retailer will include Relevant Agent options in your solar quote. If you choose a Sungrow inverter, you can elect to nominate Solar Analytics as your Relevant Agent.

Learn more about how Solar Analytics with Sungrow inverters can provide you with a fully-compliant Relevant Agent service, and allow you to use your solar during an event, and access a full solar energy management platform.