Making Solar Quoting easier with Open Solar and Solar Analytics

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Sungrow with Solar Analytics

OpenSolar has proven itself as a hugely popular choice for solar installers and retailers in Australia as a free Solar Project Design and Proposal Tool.

Solar Analytics have proudly supported OpenSolar since its initial launch and helped thousands of designers and salespeople prepare faster, more elegant and fully digital solar quotes.

This week, the companies announced an update for OpenSolar users including a wider variety of quoting options including Solar Analytics' latest inverter integrated software, currently suitable for all Sungrow inverters.

Users can now select from small and large site subscriptions to suit inverter integration at a new lower price. The Solar Analytics offer also includes Relevant Agent services for South Australian users.

Solar owners can learn more about Solar Analytics with Inverter Integration here.

Solar installers should take note too, with Solar Analytics announcing a rewards program for solar installers to celebrate the launch of the Inverter Integration option (kicking off with Sungrow inverters).

Notably, Solar Analytics' range of commercial hardware and software is also now included on the OpenSolar platform, an acknowledgement of the demand for the services via OpenSolar and the popularity of Solar Analytics in large applications. Analysis shows that an increasing number of solar businesses are preparing high quality quotes for commercial applications, using Open Solar and including Solar Analytics hardware and software.