Meet the team: Front End Development

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Front end development at Solar Analytics

Senior Front End Developer

We don’t manufacture panels or install arrays, we build software, and we have a whole team dedicated to expanding on it.

Meet Karen: front end developer, interface builder and cycling enthusiast.

Karen is responsible for implementing the interface of our customer-facing applications, using our APIs to present data so that it's readable and beneficial to our users. With front-end technology constantly evolving to match the increasing demands of today's mobile users, Karen is always working to further improve our user experience.

“I work with a close-knit team where everyone's skills complement each other's so there is good balance and teamwork. I also find working at the front end very rewarding as the results are easy to appreciate; it's what a user immediately sees when they access our applications and has a direct influence on how they interpret our data.”

So, Karen - what’s your favourite thing about working at Solar Analytics?

 “For me, it's awesome and at the same time humbling to work together with people who are so passionate and wholeheartedly believe in the value of what we do as a company, and with such significant influencers and pioneers of the solar industry.”