Meet the team: Operations and Support

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Solar Analytics operations engineers

Ragul & Karlina

Operations Engineers

A quiet day in the office doesn’t exist when you’re making sure solar systems around Australia are performing at their best. If you’re a Solar Analytics installer, you’ve probably met these two. If you’re a Solar Analytics user, when your solar has a fault, you definitely will.

Meet Karlina and Ragul: solar engineers, monitoring specialists and office snack connoisseurs.

As operational engineers, Karlina and Ragul are responsible for providing engineering support to PV installers and assisting end users with understanding dashboard data and issues with their system. They need to know about a diverse range of solar products, and be able to assess, evaluate and resolve faults - often on the spot. 

“Working in customer support, we are the main face of the company and contact bridge with our customers. Receiving feedback from our customers, keeping up with the latest industry news, and fixing on-site hardware installations makes operations an exciting division to work.”

So Ragul and Karlina - what’s your favourite thing about working at Solar Analytics?

“The first thing that hits our mind is the values we have. Apart from providing peace of mind to our customers on their solar investment, the fun culture and caring attitude everyone has around the office makes it feel like one big family.”