Meet the team: Operations Engineering

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Operations Analyst Engineer at Solar Analytics

Operations Analytics Engineer

Meet Sunhara: PV engineer, analyst and fun squad member.

Sunhara is responsible for analysing data, creating reports, and providing solutions for the Support/Operations team. Her interest in analysing data led her to set up and manage Solar Analtyics' business intelligence (BI) system. Using the BI system, different teams in the company can create automated reports to make decisions in real time. 

Sunhara works closely with the Support team and the Analytics team to answer questions that can reduce challenges faced by customers and improve their experience.

"Working with a group of people who are driven to find solutions motivates me to constantly seek improvements that we can make to better our customer’s experience with SA support."

So, Sunhara - what's your favourite thing about working at Solar Analytics?

"I love working among people who are so passionate about solar and are incredibly intelligent. I find myself constantly learning and growing in the company. I am also very happy that I get to wake up every day knowing that my work at Solar Analytics contributes to making the world a better place."