Meet the team: Operations Support

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Lead Support Engineer at Solar Analytics

Lead Support Engineer

Meet Haubert: Support Engineer, Solar Analytics Safety Officer and photography enthusiast.

Haubert is responsible for solving problems for internal and external stakeholders, as well as designing a balanced roster to ensure the mental wellbeing of all members of the Support team. This requires time, dedication, a great deal of technical PV engineering expertise, and a genuine intention to solve problems for our customers.

Haubert is on the front line of communication with our customers and is an integral part of maintaining a great relationship with solar retailers, solar owners and solar managers.

"I'm successful in my role only when I'm listening to my customers, and putting myself in their shoes. By doing so, I can understand what they need and let them know whether it is something that I can help with or not."

So, Haubert - what's your favourite thing about working at Solar Analytics?

"I continue to learn strong customer service skills, which are not commonly possessed by other engineers. But my favourite thing is our company culture. Unlike many other companies, we are committed to focusing on people-centred values, and our group outings make us feel closer to one another as a company."