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Product management at Solar Analytics

Head of Product

Meet Lisa: Product builder, ebike rider, JIRA afficionado and all-round general organiser

Lisa's role involves wrangling all the different departments in the business together to build the best product we can for all our customers. Lisa leads the product team to design and build new features and improvements for our product, as well as making sure our current product and product factory are running smoothly.

An important part of Lisa's role is to imaging being in our customers' shoes as much as possible and listening to all feedback to help the team improve the product. We want both our retailer partners and solar system owners to love using our product so identifying what our customers actually want is essential. Some of those recent updates have included a major upgrade to our performance alerts feature, and the release of our first inverter integration, allowing Solar Analytics to communicate directly with Sungrow inverters.

Lisa said, "Its an amazing role as I get to work closely with so many functions in the company. The product managers, designers, developers, marketing, sales, support, operations all play a key role in making our product successful and I have daily interactions with all of them."

So, Lisa - what's your favourite thing about working at Solar Analytics?

"Our amazing team and the feeling that what we are doing our small bit to help the planet. I also love that my kids are proud of what I do."