Meet the team: Product Management

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product management at Solar Analytics


Product Manager

As a software company, we are constantly looking for ways to build on our dashboard and give our customers new features to better understand their energy.

Meet Marcos: electrical engineer, specialist in product development and table tennis pro.

Marcos is one of our product managers, and works to understand customer and business needs in order to continue improving and developing our monitoring software product. 

With an extensive background in engineering and product development, Marcos has always had a passion for overcoming obstacles and developing innovative solutions. 

“I love to solve problems. I've been doing it since my parents had a toy store. Instead of playing with toys, I'd pick up and try to fix all the returned ones. The biggest challenge in my job is  needing to understand several aspects of our company and the market in order to design a good product. We’re always thinking about user experience as a whole - from first impressions to the daily experience using our dashboard.”

My favourite thing about working at Solar Analytics is...

“People are great here, and I get to be part of a product I have deep interest in. Renewables are definitely the way to go.”