Solar Analytics at Smart Energy Expo 2018

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Solar Analytics kicked off the Smart Energy Council's Smart Energy Expo 2018 with a bang at our pre-party last night, held at our headquarters in Redfern. We mixed with our reseller partners over solar-powered and Solar Analytics-monitored beer from Young Henry's brewery, in readiness for a big couple of days at Darling Harbour. See pics here!

Solar Analytics pre-party Smart Energy Expo 2018

Today, our Business Development Director Nigel Morris talked the crowd through Peer to Peer energy trading between consumers, on the Professional Development Installer Track. At the same time, our CEO Stefan Jarnason was speaking on the Applied Energy Storage Track on Consumer Demand - why rooftop solar will blow up the electricty market.

Nigel Morris from Solar Analytics speaking at the Smart Energy Expo 2018

Tomorrow, head straight to the Smart Energy Solutions Track to hear our Co-Founder Renate Egan talk through the excitingnew SunSPoT project (Energy Data for Smart Decision Making), run by UNSW in collaboration with the APVI, Solar Analytics and Enosi. Then swing by the Professional Development Installer Track again to hear Nigel speak about Monitoring energy use, production and storage performance at 2pm.

Plus, keep an eye out for our Relationship Manager Kathleen Ryan who will be chairing a session and along with the rest of our team will be around the conference and expo, easy to spot in purple I Love Solar tshirts. Please say Hi - we're very friendly, and happy to answer any questions you have about solar monitoring and home energy management.