Solar Analytics Co-Founder Renate Egan awarded ATSE Fellow

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Prof Renate Egan ATSE 2020 Fellow

We're very proud to announce that Solar Analytics co-Founder and Board Chair Prof. Renate Egan is among 25 leading Australian scientists and engineers announced as the 2020 Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) Fellows.

ATSE Fellows are elected by their peers for outstanding contributions to advancing engineering, technology and applied science; a huge honour that recognises the 'best of the best'. This year's Fellows include a bio-engineer you who is finding ways to 3D print replacement body parts, the head of the CSIRO's new space program leading Australia's role in the creation of the Square Kilometre Array (the world's largest telescope), and the inventor of the world's most accurate clock. They encompass experts in a range of fields including medical technology, agriculture, civil engineering and space. 

ATSE is an independent body of almost 900 eminent Australian scientists and engineers committed to applying technology in strategy ways to enhance Australia's social, environmental and economic environment.

Renate has been recgnised for making an exceptional impact on the engineering, science and business of photovoltaics for more than 25 years. She is acknowledged nationally and internationally as a thought leader in her field, and as well as her role at Solar Analytics, she holds senior leadership positions with companies and international agencies, including as the the Australian Photovoltaic Institute (APVI). An innovator, entrepreneur and academic, Renate is also an in-demand speaker and an influential member of expert panels.

The ATSE President Hugh Bradlow said, "Many of the Academy of Techonology and Engineering's 2020 new Fellows have had a transformative influence on entire sectors, and established world-leading businesses."

You can read more about the 2020 Fellows on the ATSE website.

Congratulations Renate!