Solar Analytics Product Updates April 2021

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Solar Analytics product updates April 2021

Alerts Performance management - ‘I’ve Seen This’

After the launch of our Alerts Performance management tool for solar fleet owners and solar retailers this month, we have added extra functionality with a “I've seen this” button. This allows the solar manager to acknowledge the alert and move it from the ‘new’ section to the ‘active alerts’ section.

Alerts Algorithm - reducing impact of extreme weather  

We’ve also made improvements to the way our algorithms detect performance issues during extreme weather events, so that very dark conditions during poor weather are unlikely to trigger a poor performance alert.

Faster Sungrow with Solar Analytics registration

Installers setting up a site with Sungrow with Solar Analytics will see a marked improvement in the time that it takes to register a site, with our data transfer from Sungrow to Solar Analytics reducing from around 30 minutes to around 3 minutes.

Sungrow with Solar Analytics Demo Site

We’ve added a site using our Sungrow with Solar Analytics option to our Demo account, so that solar retailers can try out the Dashboard with a live site, and share with solar buyers to see how powerful solar energy management can be for them. If you need access to the Demo account, please contact your Solar Analytics account manager or the Sales Team.

We look forward to sharing more updates with you each month, as well as new feature releases.