Solar Analytics Reviews and Comparisons

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We're grateful to these authors for taking the time to share their personal and independent reviews, comparisons, recommendations, and experiences using Solar Analytics:

Solar Quotes

Solar Quotes logo

Reviewer: Finn Peacock

Date: 24th August 2018

Article: What third party energy monitoring solution should I buy?

"If you want something that is a more permanent and better featured solution, I’d recommend Solar Analytics."


Solar Choice reviews Solar Analytics

Solar Choice

Reviewer: James Martin II

Date: 21 May 2018

Article: Solar Analytics energy monitoring system reviewed

"Solar Analytics is a great monitoring platform with a sharp focus on solar performance. It gives you, the user, a huge amount of data about your home’s electricity ecosystem, accessible from the palm of your hand."

disclaimer: James received Solar Analytics for free.


CHOICE Australia reviews Home Energy Management Systems

CHOICE Australia

Author: Alison Potter

Date: 17 August 2018

Article: Check for a pulse


Date: 11 September 2017

Article: Watt's going on?

"To stay on top of your PV system's health and make the best use of your solar power to save money, we recommend investing a few hundred dollars in a third-party solar monitoring system."


The Good Solar Guide book review 

Solar Quotes: The Good Solar Guide

Author: Finn Peacock

Date: released June 2018

Book: The Good Solar Guide

“The only third-party system I recommend at time of writing is an Australian system called Solar Analytics.”


WattClarity review of Solar Analytics monitoring


Reviewer: Paul McArdle

Date: 7 November 2017

Article: Some initial musings about my own Rooftop Solar Learning Exercise


One Step Off The Grid blog image

One Step Off The Grid

Reviewer: Giles Parkinson

Date: 4 October 2017

Article: Our lives as load defectors – our first full year with solar and storage

disclaimer: Solar Analytics is currently the sponsor of the Renew Economy/One Step Off The Grid podcast Solar Insiders, but was not at the time of this review. Giles received Solar Analytics for free.


EEV Blog Logo

EEV Blog (video)

Reviewer: Dave

Date: 9 May 2016

Article: EEVblog #877 – Solar Analytics Home Energy Monitoring Installation

disclaimer: Dave received Solar Analytics for free for review.