Solar Analytics wins Smart Cities Award 2019

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Smart Cities 2019 Award

We are extremely proud to have won a 2019 Smart Cities Award, recognising the greatest achievements in the development, technological advancement and interconnection of cities around Australia and showcasing the exciting work being undertaken across the sector. 

The Smart Cities Awards are a unique celebration of the people, projects and organisations that are leading the technical revolution of our cities.

The awards highlight the brightest ideas and talent within the development and enhancement of Australian cities and will be announced and presented during the Smart Cities 2019 conference, which is running from 30-31 May 2019 at the Pullman Hotel, Albert Park in Melbourne.

Solar Analytics has won the Best Residential Innovation Award in recognition of the best technological innovation focused on improving residential outcomes within cities.

Criteria included:

  • Evidence that the innovation is an original concept
  • Evidence that this innovation improves or fixes an existing problem for residential users and/or there have been measurable improvements for residents
  • Evidence that the innovation is functional and easy to use, and, if applicable, the innovation is easy for residents to implement
  • Evidence that consultation has been built into the development, implementation or monitoring of the innovation
  • Evidence that the innovation can be used by a wider customer-base and/or there is scope for it to be implemented elsewhere

Congratulations go to all the other businesses and organisations that were shortlisted; we are amongst great company.