Update to our Alerts and Performance Notifications feature

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Today we are rolling out an update to the Solar Analytics alerts emails and performance notifications feature on your Dashboard. 

Performance Monitoring is a key component of your Solar Analytics smart solar software, utilising our patented algorithms and sophisticated analysis of your solar and energy data to let you know if your solar energy system is performing within a normal range for your particular system components, location, tilt, orientation and local weather data. And if it's not, we'll let you and your solar retailer know, both on your Dashboard and by email.

Our alerts cover any major faults that might occur, as well as moderate or severe under-performance of your solar energy system. They also capture whether there are issues with the way your monitoring has been set up, or whether the communications from your system to Solar Analytics are offline (if we can't collect your data, we can't tell you if something is wrong). You'll see a list of all faults, alerts and issues on the System Log of your Performance page on your Dashboard.

The new update to this important feature means we have made three key improvements:

1. We have increased alert accuracy so that you and your solar retailer can confidently and easily identify issues.

2. We have improved alert frequency, so that you receive alerts based on how critical the issue is, on the right channels and at the right time.

3. We have streamlined our alert experience, refining the alert names and content across both your Dashboard and email, to ensure a consistent and easy-to-understand resolution process.

We hope that you don't experience any issues with your solar energy system, but if you do, we want you to feel confident that you know what the issue is, why it might occur, the impact on your savings, and what action to take, and importantly, when.

We look forward to your stories and feedback at support@solaranalytics.com.