Why Solar Analytics Supports March 4 Justice

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March 4 Justice and Solar Analytics

This week we’ve seen a historic representation of voices asking for change and improvement of gendered violence, and it feels like a watershed moment in Australia. Along with a group of my Solar Analytics colleagues, I joined the masses at the Sydney Rally on the 15th March 2021 and added my voice to this issue. 

As a BCorp, Solar Analytics is committed to our value of Putting People First, and for us, that means supporting the concerns of our staff, customers, partners, and stakeholders - many who are deeply troubled by this issue. To ensure that our team feels supported, we have distributed information about the rallies across Australia, provided paid leave to attend the rallies if we wished to, and followed up with company-wide messages from our leadership team with education about this issue and how we as a company can support each other and combat the effects of inequality for women.

We encourage our customers, friends and partners to seek more information about the March 4 Justice movement, and consider what actions we can take to improve the culture that may contribute towards gendered violence in Australia.

You can find a short summary of the issues surrounding the March 4 Justice movement and the associated rallies on Wikipedia.