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Your electricity costs have soared since 1st July. Yes, yours!

If you want to understand how to reduce your electricity costs, you first need to understand how you are charged. Here’s a brief run-down of how your electricity bill works.

Let’s think about this like we’re catching a taxi.

No-one likes to come home to a house that feels like a sauna, especially if they have air-conditioning installed. But electricity prices have risen so high, that even moderate aircon use can have a significant impact on your wallet. We have a tricky method to dramatically reduce your bills; it’s just a matter of timing, and insulation.

So you’ve set your timers on all your pumps, heating, cooling and appliances to run during daylight hours so that you can use your valuable solar energy. But do you know exactly what your solar profile is - when your solar ramps up, when it peaks, and when it tapers off? If not, you could be drawing from the grid inadvertently. Let’s take a closer look at solar profiles.

In a new report by the ABC, consumer complaints to the Consumer Law Action Centre (CLAC) surge following unscrupulous sales of shonky residential solar equipment. Consumers don't know if their solar panels are working at all, and are seeing no benefit on their electricity bills. Solar monitoring gives solar owners a complete view of their solar power system, how it is performing, and how much they are saving. Read more on the surge of complaints below.

This great case study from solar installer Roofjuice shows the power of Solar Analytics' solar monitoring to save hundreds of dollars for their customer. By using Solar Analytics monitoring and a solar diverter, they were able to accurately shift their energy usage in order to save more than 5000kWh p.a. or $650 p.a. in water heating costs.