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Head over to Jelmer van Rooij's great blog Energy Disruptors of Australia to read all about the background of Solar Analytics, and some insights that Jelmer has gained from chatting to our CEO Stefan. Jelmer has been travelling around Australia meeting with companies and organisations that are creating technology to change the the course of the energy industry and shares his stories here.

Dave Jones from the extremely popular EEVBlog reviews our Solar Smart Monitor - watch while the SC-23 device is installed in his home, how easily it is configured to suit his particular inverter and panels, and how Dave uses the Dashboard to learn more about his consumption behaviour at home. Fascinating watch: EEVblog #877 – Solar Analytics Home Energy Monitoring Installation:

One Step Off The Grid and Renew Economy editor Giles Parkinson recently moved into a new house with a much larger consumption profile - a pool, electric hot water, aircon and electric heating. In his quest to keep his electricity bills as low as possible, he installed our Solar Smart Monitor to provide real-time energy consumption data. This data helps him understand the impact that every appliance has on his energy consumption and will make it straightforward to determine what size solar to install (and batteries when the time is right). You can read all about Giles' progress as he journals his approach here on One Step Off the Blog