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We're grateful to Paul McArdle from WattClarity, a Brisbane-based software company operating in the energy sector, for the in-depth and honest review of his first few months using Solar Analytics monitoring. Paul upgraded to Solar Analytics to watch his solar production closely, in order to ensure that he can quickly respond to any unexpected dip in production and so ensure his high FiT payment is maximised each quarter.

Australian solar energy software provider Solar Analytics has joined the deX - Decentralised Energy Exchange - as a technology integrator. This partnership will allow Solar Analytics’ renowned solar and energy management software to integrate with the deX marketplace. This step will provide our users with the capability to gain additional value as deX develops and new contracts and offers are made available.

CHOICE Australia has released an article comparing Home Energy Management Systems, including Solar Analytics! Read the review here.

Solar Analytics customer Chris Dunstan provided a fantastic use case in this article for the Sydney Morning Herald's Sun Herald last weekend, showing how he uses Solar Analytics monitoring to make smart changes around the home and reduce his electricity bills.

The International Energy Agency has just released a report on solar PV monitoring, co-authored by Dr Jonathon Dore, Solar Analytics' Head of Algorthims. The second chapter provides a technical overview of Solar Analytics' algorthims and is a great read for those interested in more detail on how Solar Analytics monitoring can provide you with more value from your solar system. Download the report here.