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One Step Off The Grid and Renew Economy editor Giles Parkinson recently moved into a new house with a much larger consumption profile - a pool, electric hot water, aircon and electric heating. In his quest to keep his electricity bills as low as possible, he installed our Solar Smart Monitor to provide real-time energy consumption data. This data helps him understand the impact that every appliance has on his energy consumption and will make it straightforward to determine what size solar to install (and batteries when the time is right). You can read all about Giles' progress as he journals his approach here on One Step Off the Blog

We had a fantastic result for Roofjuice customer Jason this week who has our smart solar energy system monitor installed at his home. He noticed on his Solar Analytics dashboard that his hot water heater was showing zero off-peak power use, which he knows is an indicator that the hot water heater faulted (requiring a costly back-up heater which kicks in automatically). Jason was able to have the heater fixed immediately, saving him hundreds of dollars this quarter. We're thrilled for you too Jason! Read about his experiences below: