There are countless causes for under-performance in residential solar; here are three specific case studies that show how Solar Analytics Monitoring identifies, analyses and diagnoses three specific solar faults - incorrect inverter settings, total system outage and string faults.

If you are in the Sydney Metro area, you could win free unlimited Solar Analytics Monitoring plus installation on your residence, with one of our partners, GreenElec! Enter here.

GreenElec director Gareth Felton does a great job describing how to use Solar Analytics Monitoring both before and after installing solar, and reiterates just how important it is to get your solar stats:

GeekLingo contributor Noeneel Sharma reviews Solar Analytics Monitoring, sharing the installation process and his dashboard using our 6CT Solar Smart Monitor (measures six circuits). Read all about it here.

Our Co-founder and Commercial Director Renate Egan has just set sail on a 77-woman science and leadership programme over 20 days from Argentina to Antarctica; part of the Homeward Bound expedition, and the largest all-women expedition to Antarctica. Renate shares with us her experience as they are about leave the Argentinian port of Ushuaia here on Renew Economy.

We are pleased to announce a solution for world-class solar and energy monitoring for 3-phase homes and businesses. It's also a great option for single-phase homes that are looking for more detailed energy data.