Glenn Beames from Beames Electrical has been installing Solar Analytics for many years. He installs our solar and energy monitoring solution because it gives customers simple visibility of how they are using energy, enabling them to maximise savings.

Then one day Glenn used Solar Analytics to avert a potential tradgedy. 

Launched in June 2018 and shooting straight to’s #2 best selling book, The Good Solar Guide fills a gaping void that consumers have been desperately in need of for over a decade, and Solar Analytics’ own Nigel Morris celebrated with Finn at his book launch last week. Read more about the book, and you could win a copy!

Solar Analytics is undergoing rapid growth and to assist, we are holding a Series B funding round. For the first time, we have opened up investment to our customers, partners and community (wholesale investors). If you are interested in sharing in our growth and joining us on this exciting journey, you can find out more information from our funding partner VentureCrowd.

Do you have any energy vampires hiding in dark corners? We all have them; appliances and energy users on stand-by that suck up energy even when not in use. These energy vampires or energy ‘ghosts’ are a consistent drain on your energy use, but there are a few things you can do to tame them.

Solar Analytics was recently accepted into the Plug and Play Tech Center (PnP) - the world's largest tech accelerator - in Sunnyvale, California, and our Product Manager/Professional Frisbee Coach Yew Eng Ng is currently meeting with mentors, VCs and angel investors from the company's huge network of corporate partners.