Our Business Development Director Nigel Morris discovers the impact of shading when a Camellia shrub gets out of control.

Exactly how much electricity is that slow cooker using? Our Business Development Director Nigel Morris puts his cooker to the test at home.

Everyone who is in the solar industry inevitably has a view of the future. It is fitting then that two crucial events are planned which will look forward into our future and also look back to celebrate our rich history. Read on for more details of the Solar Energy Industries Association NSW annual meeting and the inaugural Solar Pioneers event this Friday 17th March 2017.

Happy International Women's Day! Did you know that 40% of Solar Analytics employees are women? As an organisation that encourages diversity in all aspects, we embrace everything that International Women's Day stands for, especially encouraging women to enter the Sciences and Technology professionally. Read on for a great interview with Cindy, our Project Manager, talking about being a woman in technology. Also, read an interview with our CEO Stefan about hiring women and the benefits of positive discrimination.

In this article on Sourceable, Dr Deo Prasad AO - Scientia Professor and international authority on sustainable buildings and cities as well as CEO of the CRC for Low Carbon Living - discusses the uses of smart meters and the use of big data, as well as the importance of solar monitoring, featuring Solar Analytics. Read the full article on Sourceable.