Introducing our latest video, showing you a day in the life of our Solar Analytics dashboard for one of our Sydney customers. This short timelapse is a great way to understand how our real-time data works and how our dashboard can make a huge impact on their energy awareness and help you to get the most value from your home energy systems. Watch here.

Congratulations to Cindy Wieman of Cannington, WA who has won top quality 3kW WINAICO solar panels, a Solar Edge inverter, a Solar Analytics Solar Smart Monitor and Solar Analytics monitoring. We look forward to following our winner on her journey to slash her electricity bills, and reduce her reliance on dirty fossil fuels - watch this space. Thanks to our partners WINAICO1 Million Women and SolarEdge!

Beware dodgy offers for battery field trials and bundles where the prices seem too good to be true; they often will be!

Feeling a bit like Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Solar Analytics Senior Project Engineer Yew Eng Ng takes us through his week at Glen Morris' Energy Storage Council Solar and Storage training course at the Smart Energy Lab within the Moora Moora Co-op in Victoria.

Our Head of Data Strategy, Dr Jonathon Dore, took time out of his busy day to demonstrate the process of semiconductor device physics to the children of Chertsey Primary School in Springfield, NSW. The kids were insightful and learned so much from Jono with some hilarious results.