Meet Haubert: Lead Support Engineer, Solar Analytics Safety Officer and photography enthusiast. Haubert is on the front line of communication with our customers and is an integral part of maintaining a great relationship with solar retailers, solar owners and solar managers.

We're extremely proud to announce that Solar Analytics has won the Sustainability and Cleantech Award in the Australian Growth Company Awards for 2020, celebrating excellence in the mid-market and recognising high rates of growth, innovation, integrity, contribution to community and sustainable growth.

Meet Sunhara: PV engineer, analyst and fun squad member. Sunhara works closely with the Support team and the Analytics team to answer questions that can reduce challenges faced by customers and/or improve their experience.

We have a whole team of developers dedicated to building and expanding our solar energy management software. Meet one of our senior software developers Reynaldo, who compares his role as a backend developer with a car mechanic working on engines. "If the engine is bad, you can only go so far."

There have been huge changes made to the solar industry regulations in South Australia; here's all you need to know to be compliant and get the most from your solar with solar energy management.