Big news - we have just launched the Solar Analytics App for iOS! The My Solar by Solar Analytics app provides a native mobile experience, with automatic login and app-specific features implemented over time. Download from the Apple App Store here - it's free and available for all Solar Analytics users.

ABC News reports that Solar Analytics customers have lost on average $250 per household, waiting for smart meter installations after the expiry of the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme. Reporter Amy Bainbridge talks to our CEO Stefan here.

Wattwatchers CEO Gavin Dietz uses Solar Analytics and the solar smart monitor (by Wattwatchers) to understand his home energy use and dramatically reduce his energy costs. Gavin runs through the pros and cons of installing solar batteries now, or later here on the Wattwatchers blog - a great read. 

If you want to really understand how the transition to solar is progressing, there’s no better way than going to a solar conference and talking to hundreds of solar companies from across the country.

Huge news for NSW solar owners! The NSW regulator (IPART) just announced that Feed In Tariffs for solar owners will more than double! Currently, solar users only get around 5c kWh for exported energy but from July 1st 2017 the recommended rate will increase to a high of 14.6c kWh. What does this mean to solar owners?