Everyone wants to keep their electricity bills down, but with the latest energy price hikes it is becoming increasingly difficult. Well, if you have solar then we have some good news for you! With just some simple behavioural changes you could see your energy bills drop dramatically.

All you have to do is try ‘load shifting’. We show you how you can save by load shifting; check out our simple table broken down by each Australian state and by appliance, to see what potential savings you could make.

Have you wanted to put on a big solar system or add more panels to your existing system, only to be told that your local electricity network operator won’t allow it? Or do you have a solar system that stops exporting to the grid once your excess solar reaches a limit? This increasing practice is called “export limiting”. We take you through how export limiting works, the impact for solar owners, and finding the lost energy.

We're grateful to Paul McArdle from WattClarity, a Brisbane-based software company operating in the energy sector, for the in-depth and honest review of his first few months using Solar Analytics monitoring. Paul upgraded to Solar Analytics to watch his solar production closely, in order to ensure that he can quickly respond to any unexpected dip in production and so ensure his high FiT payment is maximised each quarter.

The Solar industry lost one of its greatest stars recently when UNSW Scientia Professor Stuart Wenham passed away just before Christmas after a brief battle with Melanoma.  

We are incredibly proud to share the recognition that our chair and co-Founder Renate Egan has received from Renewable Energy World today. Renate is listed as one of eight women around the world being honoured for their contributions in the science and business of solar and whose careers stand as an example to young women of what is possible. Read the full article Eight Great Women in the Business and Science of Solar here.