Solar Analytics will be exhibiting at Intersolar North America in San Francisco next week, 11-13 July 2017. We hope to connect with you there, to talk about how our solar + energy + battery monitoring solution can help your customers maximise the value of their solar systems. Contact us to arrange a meeting at the show.

Our Business Development Director Nigel Morris makes a number of announcements for Solar Analytics monitoring resellers below, including the news that we've dying to let you know...

The International Energy Agency has just released a report on solar PV monitoring, co-authored by Dr Jonathon Dore, Solar Analytics' Head of Algorthims. The second chapter provides a technical overview of Solar Analytics' algorthims and is a great read for those interested in more detail on how Solar Analytics monitoring can provide you with more value from your solar system. Download the report here.

Our Director of Business Development Nigel Morris shares his opinion on the future of electric motorcycles, coming off the back of the Isle of Man TT 2017 race this weekend. The results are in; how does electric compare to petrol on the circuit?

Solar Analytics partner SolarKraft makes an excellent point - is solar monitoring data worth it, or data overload? Read here for how solar monitoring can help you save "mountains of cash. Buying a solar system will help you keep more of your hard-earned, but the opportunity is there to help you squeeze as much out of your investment as possible."

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