Did you know that the rental market makes up a third of the Australian property market? Solar Analytics has recently developed a new Solar for Rentals product, making the installation of solar onto rental properties simple, fair and transparent, encouraging more property owners to invest in rooftop solar and helping more renters save money on their energy bills.

We don't manufacture the panels, we don't install the arrays, we build software. Here at Solar Analytics we have a whole team of developers dedicated to building and expanding our monitoring software. Meet one of our senior front end developers Karen - her work behind the scenes builds the dashboard display you use everyday.

One of our senior research associates, Mike Roberts, discusses the importance of the Climate Emergency and why Solar Analytics is joining the Not Business As Usual alliance and will be participating in the Global Climate Strike on Friday 20th September 2019.

As a software company, we are constantly looking for ways to build on our dashboard and give our customers new features to better understand their energy. Meet Marcos: electrical engineer, specialist in product development and table tennis pro.

Did you know that most households use between a quarter to a third of their total energy on heating water? This great article by Solar Analytics research associate and data scientist Baran Yildiz will give you an overview of how water is heated in households, and how you might save money on heating water with a few easy tweaks.