As a software company, we are constantly looking for ways to build on our dashboard and give our customers new features to better understand their energy. Meet Marcos: electrical engineer, specialist in product development and table tennis pro.

Did you know that most households use between a quarter to a third of their total energy on heating water? This great article by Solar Analytics research associate and data scientist Baran Yildiz will give you an overview of how water is heated in households, and how you might save money on heating water with a few easy tweaks.

A quiet day in the office doesn’t exist when you’re making sure solar systems around Australia are performing at their best. If you’re a Solar Analytics installer, you’ve probably met these two. If you’re a Solar Analytics user, when your solar has a fault, you definitely will.

If your solar stops working you’ll want to know immediately because zero production means zero savings from solar. The good news is we’ve recently made improvements to our unique algorithm that detects a zero production fault – it’s now much faster and more reliable, avoiding false alerts.

Two of our company values that we strive to achieve every day are "We put people first" and "We do meaningful work". With these values in mind, we organised a company outing for our staff and their families to the movies at our local Golden Age Cinema in the old Paramount building in Surry Hills, to see the excellent 2040 film.