AEMO's recent report into the major disturbance on the National Energy Market in August 2018 used Solar Analytics data to understand the response of rooftop PV. The analysis of Solar Analytics data showed that rooftop solar assisted in resolving the issue by reducing generation as required in at least two states, and has provided learnings for the industry for future incidents. Our Head of Algorithms, Dr Jonathon Dore, breaks down what happened in a short and easy-to-understand blog post.

As reported by the AFR, AEMO released a report on Thursday investigating the rare 'islanding' of QLD and NSW's electricity supply on the 25th August 2018 when lightening struck a transmission tower supporting the QLD-NSW electricity interconnector lines. AEMO used Solar Analytics data in collaboration with the UNSW to understand the role of rooftop PV solar in the event.

Read on for an overview of the investigation by Naomi Stringer from the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering at the University of NSW.

Ever wondered whether your electricity bill was correct? Ensuring that you're on the same page as your electricity retailer is the first step to getting on top of how you are using energy in your home (and may just save you money if you find out there's a discrepancy). Read on to find out how you can use your Solar Analytics Dashboard to check your bill.

All Energy 2018 brought with it exciting new partnership announcements, great conversations with our fantastic resellers and customers, and the biggest Solar Analytics stall to date.

This rural property with a 1kW solar export limit in Goonengerry on the NSW north coast was recently set up with a new solar installation with Solar Analytics monitoring by Light Touch Solar and Electrical. We thought this site might be a good case study to share, showing how our monitoring can be helpful for sites with export limiting.