Relevant Agent Service via Sungrow Inverters in South Australia

Solar Analytics Relevant Agent service for South Australia

All new solar systems installed in South Australia from 28 September 2020 must meet new regulations. These regulations are required to ensure the continued reliability of the electricity grid, and increase the amount of rooftop solar able to be installed on the grid.

While these new regulations seem complex and initially challenging, they will ultimately lead to an increase in the installation of rooftop solar in South Australia, increased solar export limits, and a lower cost, more reliable and cleaner electricity grid for everyone

Solar Analytics have partnered with leading solar retailers and solar inverter manufacturers to help you comply with these new requirements and maximise your energy savings.

The new regulations are listed on the South Australia Department of Energy and Mining website, and include:

  • Low Voltage Ride Through. Solar inverters must now comply. Any inverter offered to you by a solar retailer will be compliant. No action needed by you. 
  • Relevant Agent Remote Disconnection. You will need to appoint a Relevant Agent to act on your behalf. See below for details. 
  • Dynamic Export Limit. All inverters must have internet capability and be able to set dynamic solar limits from July 2021. This will allow more rooftop solar to be installed, and may enable you to export more of your solar.
  • Smarter Meter. Some sites will also get a smarter meter installed by your energy retailer. This is a dual element meter that measures your solar and household load separately. No action needed by you. 
  • Tariff Incentive. A new energy tariff for all energy consumers will be offered, not just those with solar. This will have a very low tariff during solar hours to encourage daytime energy consumption (solar sponge). Consumers are still free to choose their own plan. We recommend you get Solar Analytics' solar energy management platform so you can decide on the best energy plan for you after your solar is installed.

Partnering with Sungrow inverters, Solar Analytics provides an affordable, reliable Relevant Agent solution that meets these requirements. Benefits of Solar Analytics Relevant Agent service include:

  • Enables you to use your solar electricity that you product during an Event period (not just turning off your solar production during an Event) 
  • We will keep you informed about any events
  • You will be able to participate in future Dynamic Export, which can increase your savings
  • You can include Solar Analytics solar energy management to increase your savings and optimise how you use your solar energy


What does this mean for me?

During an Event, your inverter will be instructed to limit the amount of solar that you could export for a short period of time, which means that you will earn slightly less for your solar. However, you can use that solar that you would ordinarily export, to power your own site/home (with Relevant Agent service by Solar Analytics).

How is this a good thing?

The new regulations mean that your solar system will be compliant with the new framework to provide a more reliable electricity grid, and more advanced solar technology to prevent disconnection of your system when there are grid disturbances. These are welcome changes that will ensure that more solar can be introduced to South Australia, and previous capped solar export restrictions can be lifted and only limited when required to stabilise the grid. That means more solar for everyone.

How often might AEMO restrict my solar export to the grid? And for how long?

Remote disconnections will likely occur when the South Australian grid is islanded (cut off from the rest of the grid), or in danger of being islanded due to a disruption, when there is a large amount of PV generation and low demand. These cases would rarely coincide. While AEMO will be reluctant to put a number on it, disconnection 'Events' will probably occur less than five times per year, more likely 0-1 times per year.

Events could last up to four hours, but are more likely to be less than one hour, since grid island events are usually resolved quite quickly. As these Events will be rare, they are likely to have only minimal impact on your solar system payback.

What are the implications of these regulations for me?

Your only responsibility is to nominate a Relevant Agent (such as Solar Analytics) who will remotely control your solar export when required. Your Solar Retailer will provide you with the forms required to comply with these regulations.


If you choose a Sungrow inverter with your solar system, you can ask your solar retailer to nominate Solar Analytics as your Relevant Agent.