Connect with your solar customers

We give our partners the tools to connect with their solar customers and enhance business.

Solar Analytics mobile version

Our products and services are designed to improve competitiveness, speed up installation and help build lasting value for solar companies.

Increase Sales

Enhance the value of your offering with the confidence and security of independent monitoring.

Offer advanced functionality and peace of mind to the system owner.

Guarantee performance and overall system quality.

Solar Analytics dashboard on a range of devices
Solar Analytics iphone

Ongoing Business

Increase brand visibility and stay top of mind with customers through our co-branded or white label dashboard offerings.

Maintain long term relationships and communications as a direct channel for future sales of new products and services.

Solar Analytics iphone

Reduce Costs

Solar Analytics’ fault diagnostics and customer support mean less installer support time, less site visits and less time on site.

One dashboard for any inverter enables consolidated fleet management.


  • Expected vs actual solar production
  • Moderate and severe under-performance notifications
  • Zero Production fault alerts
  • Production and consumption monitoring
  • Calculated solar savings and energy costs
  • Battery sizing calculator
  • Fleet management and co-branded dashboards
  • Responsive PV engineering support team
Solar Analytics features

Solar Smart Monitor solution

  • Compatible with all inverters and systems
  • Real-time 5 second data
  • Class 1 equivalent accuracy
  • LGC measurement
  • Monitors anything AC - solar, consumption, and sub circuits
  • Up to 6 channels per device
  • 3G/4G multi network, multi band connectivity
  • 60A-3000A CT measurement capability

Inverter Integrated solution

  • Compatible with Sungrow inverters up to 110 kW
  • Relevant Agent service for South Australia
  • 5 minute data
  • Monitors solar and consumption (consumption meter required)
  • Hybrid inverter & DC battery monitoring
  • Inverter error codes
  • WiFi/Ethernet or 4G connectivity (communications dongle required)
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