"The first thing I did though – and one of the reasons why I am across the daily usage – is to install a monitoring device. I got one from Solar Analytics which gives me monthly, weekly, daily, and intra day readings – right down to 5 second intervals. 

This has given me remarkable insight into the variable or our demand. It gives me a few ideas about my demand profile, and what my options might be for solar, and eventually battery storage, and how I might change my consumption patterns."

- Giles from Montecollum, NSW

"When I heard about Solar Analytics I thought if they deliver what they promise, I’m going to be really impressed. They’ve actually delivered more.

It was the Smart Monitor that picked up I should be aligning the pool pump to my solar system. That simple change has saved me around $420 a year".

- Kevin from Rose Bay, NSW

"I’ve always wondered whether my solar system was working correctly and at its most efficient. Until now, I’ve had to wait until I got the quarterly rebate from my energy retailer to see whether or not the amount of power being produced seemed right.

Having a Smart Monitor installed gives me peace of mind that the system is working at its best and it will let me know immediately if there’s a fault.

A good solar system isn’t cheap. The Smart Monitor gives me cost-effective insurance for making sure I get the payback I’ve been promised by the installer".

- Matthew from Alexandria, NSW