Give your customers a better user experience

Make your customers' lives easier with solar monitoring that is faster, simpler, and cheaper to install. Our Solar Smart Monitor is compatible with any inverter and 4G connection means fewer support issues.

Once they use the Solar Analytics Dashboard, they’ll agree - the easy-to-understand graphs and consumer insights provide an exceptional user experience that brings them back again and again.

Solar Analytics dashboard on a range of devices

Provide accurate and compelling solar + battery quotes

Solar Analytics’ live solar and energy consumption data provides you with the knowledge you need to give customers additional solar equipment and battery quotes to suit their individual requirements. The data is right there for you and your customer to see, giving you credibility and securing trust.

What our customers say

The Solar Analytics difference

Solar Analytics provides a faster, simpler, cheaper solution for advanced solar monitoring, with much greater benefits.

Get live solar production and energy consumption data, performance information, fault notifications and compelling insights on an easy-to-understand Dashboard, accessible on any device.

Having a problem with your customer’s system that you don't understand? No worries! You have access to our friendly local technical support line. We're happy to help.

We bring all these benefits with our experience providing advanced solar monitoring in Australia - the highest-penetration solar market in the world. Let us help you to grow your solar sales in the US too. Contact us to apply for a free installation and demo today.

Solar Analytics web portal on laptop