About Us

Solar Analytics is a ground-breaking solar tech company, creating software that monitors the performance of residential and small-scale solar energy systems, providing alerts when faults arise, and giving you live solar production and energy consumption.

We are Solar Photovoltaic Engineers, Software Developers, Scientists, Solar Technicians and Designers bringing you proven expertise from Australia - the world’s highest-penetration residential solar market.

And we are passionate about sustainable energy and the power of solar.

Our aim is to maximize the output from residential solar power systems around the world. We wake up every morning with the drive to create a sophisticated and complex product that is easy for you to use and benefit from.

Join us as we strive to improve the value of solar globally over on our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Learn more about the Solar Analytics Monitoring service here and how it works here. Want more? Contact us here - we’d love to hear from you.

Solar Analytics Co-founders:

Dr Renate Egan from Solar Analytics

Co-founders Valantis Vais, Dr Renate Egan, Stefan Jarnason and Dr John Laird