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We have just released a new feature in our Energy Plans page allowing you to upload your most recent electricity bill. Once you have uploaded your bill we will do the rest of the work for you and fill in a new energy plan. An accurate plan gives accurate solar savings and allows you to check that your bill is correct. Try uploading your most recent energy bill today!

After the launch of our Alerts Performance management tool for solar fleet owners and solar retailers this month, we have added extra functionality with a “I’ve seen this” button, and we’ve also made improvements to the way our algorithms detect alerts during extreme weather events. We’ve made Sungrow with Solar Analytics registration faster, and released a Sungrow with Solar Analytics demo site for retailers to share.

This week we’ve seen a historic representation of voices asking for change and improvement of gendered violence, and it feels like a watershed moment in Australia. Along with a group of my Solar Analytics colleagues, I joined the masses at the Sydney Rally on the 15th March 2021 and added my voice to this issue. 

OpenSolar is a popular Solar Project Design and Proposal Tool for solar installers and retailers across Australia. This platform has been updated to include Solar Analytics' latest inverted integrated software, and range of commercial hardware and software options.

Meet Toni, wrangler of people, finances and inventory, Jack of all trades, fluffy cat owner, and office Mum. Toni is responsible for payroll, general book keeping and inventory management at Solar Analytics.