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Meet Toni, wrangler of people, finances and inventory, Jack of all trades, fluffy cat owner, and office Mum. Toni is responsible for payroll, general book keeping and inventory management at Solar Analytics.

Meet Lisa: Head of Product, ebike rider, and expert organiser. Lisa's role involves wrangling all the different departments in the business together to build the best product we can for all our customers. 

Solar Analytics is leading a project to discover the conditions under which energy users would participate in a virtual power plant (VPP). We've been working with researchers from the University of NSW including Mike Roberts, who put together an excellent of the project for Ecogeneration.

2020 was a huge year for Solar Analytics, with a number of significant updates to our smart solar software, integration with new inverter partners, as well as navigating the trials and tribulations of COVID-19.

Solar Analytics has long provided the most comprehensive smart solar software in the market, and now we have a new way to connect with your system, directly to your inverter, starting with Sungrow inverters! This means that our customers can get more from their solar at a lower price point, and it’s perfect for those needing WiFi connectivity and hybrid inverter/hybrid battery monitoring.