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Solar Analytics has launched the Alerts Management Feature - a new, simplified way to view and manage your fleet's solar Performance Alerts, all in the one place. This new tool for our solar retailers and fleet managers includes smart alert prioritisation, detailed alert information all in one place, powerful sort and search functionality, and easy workflow management. We invite you to check it out.

Ugh. Rooftop DC Isolators. They are in the news again because when they fail, they can cause fires and with almost 3 million solar systems installed in Australia, there is an inevitable rise in the number of failures. Our Head of Business Development Nigel Morris weighs in on the conversation.

We’ve made another significant update to our algorithms this week that allow us to predict your expected solar production with more accuracy. Sounds a bit technical maybe, but this improvement now makes Solar Analytics’ understanding of seasonal effects on solar more comprehensive than any other source in Australia. Something we’re pretty proud of!

Knowing how much you are spending on energy, how your electricity bill is broken down, and being able to anticipate your next bill is empowering and enlightening information that can help you to make important decisions to help you save money. Read on to find out about our latest updates to your Solar Analytics dashboard including your new Energy Plans page, ability to enter Time of Use tariff information in more detail, and your updated Savings page, making it even easier to understand your Energy Costs.

We keep hearing that many of you love the Savings page on your Solar Analytics dashboard because it brings the dollar value of your solar savings to light. The great news is we’re making significant improvements to these calculations making them ever more accurate.

We’ll share more news about this next month but right now we’ll show you how to use the Savings page to stay on top of your winter energy bills and to calculate the payback time on your solar PV system.