Why do I need solar monitoring?

One of the reasons you installed a solar energy system was to save money right? You've seen a reduction in your power bills and everything seems fine… But is it?

Ausgrid data from 8000 solar PV systems shows that approximately 51.8% are not performing to their capacity.

By installing the Solar Analytics Monitoring service you can see exactly how your solar energy system is performing in real time (live 5 second data). You will be able to not only see how much energy your system is generating on any given day, but how much more energy it should be generating.

As soon as the Solar Smart Monitor detects a reduction in your system's performance, it accurately diagnoses the fault and provides you with the information you need to resolve the issue - quickly. Industry studies* show that there are dozens of different types of failures, many of which are almost impossible to detect without active monitoring. In fact, the Solar Analytics Monitoring service can help reduce the downtime of your system from months to days.

But don't take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

* Owner/operator perspective on reliability customer needs and field data, SunEdison, 2011

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