NEW Bill Upload Feature

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Solar Analytics bill upload

We have just released a new feature in our Energy Plans page allowing you to upload your most recent electricity bill. Once you have uploaded your bill we will do the rest of the work for you and fill in a new energy plan. An accurate plan gives accurate solar savings and allows you to check that your bill is correct. Try uploading your most recent energy bill today!

How do I use it?

  1. Open up your Solar Analytics dashboard and navigate to the energy plans page (

  2. Drag and Drop, or Click to Browse to load in a PDF of your latest electricity bill

  3. Press Add Plan to save it to the Solar Analytics dashboard (or click on the x to remove)

  4. Wait until the Solar Analytics team updates your energy plan details
    - In the short-term, please allow up to a week for our energy experts to process your bill
    - We will speed this process up in the future as we learn more bills

  5. Check your bill cost is correct and view your solar savings in the Savings Page

  6. Contact with any problems or feedback

Solar Analytics bill upload

Why Should I Upload my Bill?

 Help us help you

We understand that electricity bills can be confusing and it is often difficult to find all the details to fill in the energy plans page. Our Bill Upload feature removes that difficulty by allowing our energy experts to do the hard work for you and transfer all the details from your electricity bill into an energy plan. Now you can have accurate solar savings, check your most recent bill and predict what you next bill will be without the hassle of putting in all the energy plan details.

Kick-start our Product Development

As you know we love data. And we use data to drive all our great new product features! By uploading your bill you are helping inform our next amazing features. Expect to see more feature in the coming months which handle additional tariff types, help you understand your energy costs and find you the best electricity deal in your area!