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Our Business Development Director Nigel Morris discovers the impact of shading when a Camellia shrub gets out of control.

Exactly how much electricity is that slow cooker using? Our Business Development Director Nigel Morris puts his cooker to the test at home.

There are countless causes for under-performance in residential solar; here are three specific case studies that show how Solar Analytics Monitoring identifies, analyses and diagnoses three specific solar faults - incorrect inverter settings, total system outage and string faults.

GeekLingo contributor Noeneel Sharma reviews Solar Analytics Monitoring, sharing the installation process and his dashboard using our 6CT Solar Smart Monitor (measures six circuits). Read all about it here.

Giles Parkinson shares his learnings from his first weeks with rooftop solar and battery storage on the One Step Off The Grid blog. Read below for the highlights, and get the full story here.