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If you live in NSW and purchased a solar power system for your residence, particularly before 2011, chances are that you have a gross meter and you are exporting all of your solar production to the grid at a generous Feed in Tariff (FiT). As you may be aware, the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme (60c or 20c FiT) will expire on 31st December 2016. Let's take a look at the differences between gross metering and net metering, and how your behaviour will need to change in order to keep your electricity bills down.

On the 31st of December 2016 the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme will expire, affecting 130,000 solar owners who currently export all their solar production to the grid at the subsidised Feed in Tariff (FiT) rate of 60c or 20c per kwh. From the 1st January 2016, the FiT will drop dramatically to around 6c per kwh; much lower than the rate that you are purchasing electricity at from the grid - resulting in a sizeable electricity bill, instead of a deposit in your bank account. Are you one of these solar owners? Read on for all of your options.

Our Founder and CEO Stefan Jarnason spoke to a packed house at the Australian Alternative Technology Association Sydney Central branch meeting on the topic "Solar PV Now and into the Future" on Monday night. Stefan's presentation focused on how to maximise the return from your rooftop solar system as well as the future of solar PV. He also answered members' detailed questions around the 2016 expiry of the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme. Read on for Stefan's advice on transitioning from gross metering to net metering.