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If you’ve been consuming solar news lately, you might be aware that there is a bit of a kerfuffle around solar export charges, possibly affecting what you earn for sending excess solar to the grid. The draft determination by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) on how network companies support, and charge for, export services has sparked a lot of questions. We answer what this actually means for solar owners as well as for all those out there wondering if solar is the right choice for them.

Ugh. Rooftop DC Isolators. They are in the news again because when they fail, they can cause fires and with almost 3 million solar systems installed in Australia, there is an inevitable rise in the number of failures. Our Head of Business Development Nigel Morris weighs in on the conversation.

There have been huge changes made to the solar industry regulations in South Australia; here's all you need to know to be compliant and get the most from your solar with solar energy management.

Our Business Development Director Nigel Morris talks through the new regulations in South Australia around solar export control. He also introduces Solar Analytics' new solar energy management solution to provide a Relevant Agent service offering, ensuring new solar installations are compliant and can self-consume their solar in the rare event of solar export limitations.

Join this insightful webinar by General Assembly to hear our Product Director Martin Egan as he shares his knowledge of community solar, the impact tech is having on the environment, and how - if at all - it can prevent any further damage to the planet.