Solar Analytics Relevant Agent with Sungrow API

Details for Solar Retailers



Solar Analytics offers Relevant Agent (RA) remote disconnection service to plant Owners or Operators of Sungrow Inverters. The RA service Contract is between Solar Analytics and the plant Owner (or Operator). Solar Retailers may purchase & commission Solar Analytics RA service on behalf of Owners. Owners will be required to accept Solar Analytics RA contract terms and conditions.

This Solar Analytics RA service with Sungrow is provided via Application Programming Interface (API), using the site owners internet connection (WiFi or other) to the inverter. Such an arrangement has been deemed compliant by the Government of South Australia. 

Installers who optionally purchase a monitoring subscription (SunGrow with SolarAnalytics) will be provided with a five year subscription to our Dashboard (for Installer and Owner) including performance monitoring, alerts, diagnostics support and will be informed about events.

API site sharing is done via the Channel Partner feature on Sungrow iSolarCloud APP or website.  

LATEST UPDATES AND BACKGROUND MATERIALSSolar Analytics Relevant Agent Service for Sungrow Inverters

 Solar Analytics Relevant Agent with Sungrow inverters


Relevant Agent service (Wi-Fi or Ethernet)

Solar Analytics will enact all required instructions for RA system control. No alerts, dashboard access or diagnostics provided. Once-off fee per inverter applies. 

$60 including GST  

Sungrow with Solar Analytics (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) - Dashboard Subscription

Add full access to Solar Analytics Dashboard for your solar business and solar owners using Sungrow Wi-Fi hardware with data via API connection. Five year fee per inverter applies. 

$125 including GST ≤ 15kW

$325 including GST > 15kW

Important notes: 

  • Solar Analytics 2For1 subscription offer applies unless advised otherwise

  • 'Sungrow with Solar Analytics' must be purchased by the Solar Retailer / Installer at the time of completing initial site registration on Solar Analytics portal.

  • 'Sungrow with Solar Analytics' Dasboard features such as Consumption and Savings require Sungrow consumption meter.

  • The Relevant Agent fee applies for the lifetime of the technology (inverter). Exchange, change or replacement of inverter requires payment of another fee. 

  • Offers valid until December 31st 2020, subject to revision and changes to Government regulation  

  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity remains the responsibility of the site owner and or solar business

  • Offers require installation of selected Sungrow hardware, not supplied by Solar Analytics 

  • Dynamic Export Control subject to future specification and release in accordance with Government regulation 

  • Provision of Relevant Agent services is applicable to South Australia only and subject to periodic site connectivity testing by Solar Analytics and relevant agencies. National rollout expected subject to other State Government requirements

  • Additional inverter brand support will be supported soon subject to testing and release


Installation requirements

For all Sungrow String inverters currently sold in Australia (upto 110kW), including multi-inverter sites.

Sungrow Inverters to be commissioned with the following:

  • Sungrow site consumption energy meter - e.g. S100, DTSU666

  • Functional Internet Connection - provided via Sungrow WiFi dongle, SunGrow E-Net Ethernet dongle, 4G modem ….etc.

    • It is not Solar Analytics' responsibility to establish or maintain a functional inverter internet connection. 

    • For improved reliability we encourage wired LAN connection to the Owner router where practical.

    • Sungrow 4G dongle is planned for release in Q4 2020

  • Record installation DC details for each MPPT (#strings, #panels, panel rating & model, tilt, orientation) - you will need this information when registering the site on the Solar Analytics portal.


Installation Restrictions

Sites will be rejected if, at the time of Site sharing with SolarAnalytics:

  • Any inverter is off-line

  • There is an active fault on the site energy meter 

  • The site is not shared with Administrator privileges

Currently the API service does not support:

  • Hybrid and PV Inverter mixed on one site

  • Multiple hybrid inverters on one site


RA Service process flow 

1. Introduce site Owner / Operator to SolarAnalytics RA service with SunGrow API

- Gain site Owner / Operator consent to use SolarAnalytics RA service

2. Complete SAPN  connection application (SEG/MEG)

- Select RA: Solar Analytics Pty Ltd
- Select relevant technology: Cloud Control - API control of an inverter va 4G/Wifi/Ethernet - Compatible with Sungrow inverters

3. Complete PV System installation

- Commission inverter on Sungrow iSolarCloud
- Connect to Owner WiFi / LAN

4. Share site with as a Channel/Partner on iSolarCloud with Administrator rights

- Refer to instructions South Australia RA & SunGrow with SolarAnalytics - Installer brief

5. Complete Solar Analytics site registration 

- Select & purchase the RA option at end of registration
- Optionally purchase Sungrow with SolarAnalytics dashboard

6. Owner accepts Solar Analytics RA Terms & Conditions

- Sent by email to Owner
- Notification sent to Solar Retailer upon Owner acceptance
- Reminder notifications sent to Owner and Retailer if not accepted after 7 days
- RA Service cancelled if not accepted after 21days

7. Complete eCoC for the installation

- Select Solar Analytics as the RA for the site



What will happen if the Owner does not accept Solar Analytics RA Terms & Conditions ? 

We provide the Office of Technical Regulation (OTR) with a list of sites for which the Solar Retailer has successfully completed our RA registration process and for which the Owner has accepted our Terms & Conditions. A site will not appear on our list if the T&C are not accepted and the OTR's compliance team may follow up with the site Owner.

What happens if the Owner’s internet connectivity to the Inverter(s) is not functioning ? 

All site inverters must be on-line at the time of site sharing by the Solar Retailer with Solar Analytics. Sites will be rejected if all inverters are not on-line at the time of sharing.

We may notify the Owner if a poor or non-functioning inverter internet connection is adversely affecting our ability to provide remote disconnection & reconnection to the satisfaction of the relevant technical authorities (OTR). We may ask an Owner to restore or fix the internet connectivity. Note: At this point in time the OTR has deemed Internet connectivity via Owner WiFi (or LAN) as a compliant RA solution and they understand that such may have poor reliability. It is not clear what response compliance levels OTR will deem satisfactory and hence what the required Owner actions will be for lost connectivity.

If the Owner is unable to restore remote connectivity to the System within a reasonable period, we cannot provide the RA service and the RA agreement with the Owner may be terminated by Solar Analytics. In this event the Owner will be required to appoint another entity as the RA and Solar Analytics will not provide any refund for any portion of an unused Services fee. The OTR compliance team will follow up with the Owner in such cases.

Will the set-up be smart enough to decide between 0kw production if no energy meter is installed versus 0kw export limit when an energy meter is installed?


Additionally, if the energy meter has an active fault, production will be set to 0kW

We highly encourage installation of an energy meter. Note - an energy meter may be required to meet a fixed maximum export limit imposed by the DNSP.  

Will the set-up affect/return the original export limit of the site or any other inverters settings after the regulatory disconnection period?


Will the new standards impact the Owner’s feed-in tariff or return on investment?

These new standards do not mean eligible households will lose their feed-in tariff(s) and, since export reduction or disconnection will only occur during extreme circumstances to avoid the risk of blackouts, the new standards should have a negligible impact on power bills or return on investment.

As the inverter is WIFI capable, does the homeowner then need to have WIFI in their home connected to the inverter? What if they don’t have WIFI and choose not to connect? Regional homes with poor or no reception?

Yes, either wifi or ethernet is required (4G coming soon)

Does the customer need a login for both the Sungrow and Solar Analytics app?

A Relevant Agent Customer only receives an invitation to the Solar Analytics app if a SunGrow with Solar Analytics dashboard subscription has been purchased for them by the Solar Retailer.  A Relevant Agent Customer receives initiation to the Sungrow iSolarCloud app, as per normal, and they “need” such in so much as they “need” to maintain inverter internet connectivity.

RA only sites will appear in Installer Solar Analytics fleet as RA only sites - dashboard features (yield analysis …) will only appear if a SunGrow with Solar Analytics subscription for the site is purchased.

Are other inverter manufacturers supported?

Not at this stage (coming)

Where do I install the export limit energy meter?

The export limit energy meter should be installed on the grid side of the meter (CT clip on type).  This is particularly the case for when a NMI smart meter is going to be (or has been) installed for separate monitoring of the embedded solar generator (mandatory for some sites from 28th September 2020) - in these cases the the export limit meter must be installed on the grid side of the NMI meter inorder to function correctly.


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